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you need to just stop

awkward dancing safari



yes hello i would die for you okay

Living for party / drunk Taylor

You’re being too loud…

You’re being too loud…







who the cameos really are in “you need to calm…

This video is so much about using her massive platform for visibility and change.  With anything this huge and media sticky, a lot of lazy coverage happens not giving proper credit or description of the artists, and this is a BIG deal for all of them.  @taylorswift doesn’t eff around with a single thing in her music videos.  Here’s everyone and how to follow, support, & learn more about them.

(work in progress, alphabetical order.  As the entries get more complete, I’ll break them off into linked posts so this list isn’t endless.   I’m familiar with most of this list, but will try to adequately research anyone I don’t know.)


Adam Lambert


Adam Rippon
Olympic figure skater.

Adore Delano as Katy Perry / Daniel Anthony Noriega,

Mexican-American Drag Queen/Musician/TV Personality)

Adore is amazing.  Adore is a joy.  Adore is America’s punky drag sweetheart.  Adore party gifs are a form of language that I use regularly.   American idol alum at 17 as Danny Noriega, Rupaul’s Drag Race alum as Adore Delano = the best punky riot grrrl musician and performer with a massive following.  One of the three RPDR queens interviewed by the View’s Meghan McCain .Recently one of the 37 Rupaul’s Drag Race drag queens on the covers of a recent issue of NY Magazine , “Most Powerful Drag Queens in America”


NY mag cover story received clapback about misleading headlines, lack of proper context about the queens and the community.  Despite the headline, this is a TV issue and all of these drag queens are from Rupaul’s Drag Race. The article opened up more national dialogue, but a bit contextually clumsily, leading uninformed audiences to believe there is no drag world/history/other powerful queens outside of Rupaul’s Drag Race. 


if you want some pure joy, watch this video of adore saying party. just do it.

my two cents: main stream visibility is so important, but we’re new at it and it’s going to be a bit clumsy at first…we just gotta keep doing it. keep trying harder to be better. 

A’Keria C Davenport as Nicki Minaj (RPDR, Drag Queen)

Antoni Porowski (chef/ Queer Eye food & wine)


Billy Porter 

Broadway Actor/Performer/Singer

Bobby Berk (Queer Eye)

Chester Lockhart (Singer)

Ciara (Singer)

Delta Work as Adele

Dexter Mayfield (Dancer/Model)

Ellen DeGeneres (TV host)

Hannah Hart (YouTuber,/Author)

Hayley Kiyoko (Singer)

Jade Jolie (as Taylor Swift)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Actor)

Jonathan Van Ness

Queer Eye (Grooming), Podcaster, stand up comedian, hair stylist, GAY OF THRONES , pure inspiration.

Justin Mitika (Lawyer)

Karamo Brown (Queer Eye/Culture)

Katy Perry (who? did they have some drama or something.  DOESN’T MATTER.  HAPPY MEAL)

Laverne Cox (Actress)

Riley Knoxx as Beyoncé

RuPaul (all the things)

Ryan Reynolds (who?)

Todrick Hall (Performer)

Tatianna as Ariana Grande (drag queen)

Tan France  (Queer Eye/Fashion)

literally the coolest man on the planet.


Trinity K Bonet as Cardi

dailyswiftgifs:You need to calm down not awkw…


You need to calm down

not awkward, just joy.

not awkward, just love.

not awkward, just love.