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City Of Lover concert | Paris, France | September 9, 2019

Prada ‘Black Lace Up 110 Military Boots’ – $1,205.00

Taylor delivered a stunning setlist in Paris today (“Style” lives to see another era! “Red” into “Daylight”!!) wearing what upon my first judgment appeared to be a very rep-era approved outfit. 

The overall somber palette, lace up combat boots, and Faith Connexion-esque tie front silhouette all seemed to harken back to her previous darker-hued aesthetic. Though the sequin stripes presented here do bear some similarity to her custom The Blonds moment from her Amazon concert.

I had fully expected another pastel moment so while this (for me at least) is a very pleasing look that fills my anything black loving heart (that silky top is swoon-worthy) it seems at odds with the Lover look. But I’ll take it!   

Get the look: Forever 21, $45.00

Apple Music | September 6, 2019

Faithfull the Brand ‘Daphne Dress’ – $159.00 

Taylor looked very sweet and dare I say RED-era esque in this Blonde In Yellow approved floral dress in an interview with Apple Music. Cheers to @allergicswiftt for the video grab. 

Get the look: Oasis, $65.00

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge | September 2, 2019

Saint Laurent ‘Lou Lou Ankle Boots’ – $1,095.00 $438.00

While I didn’t approve of the last time Taylor wore a bold pair of ankle boots by Saint Laurent, this fares much better paired with this outfit. Namely because the bright fuchsia tones speak back to the embellishments on her blouse. 

In a way, they also sort of bring a modern cowgirl vibe to the outfit given the sheer blouse and high-waisted leather shorts. The proportions of the outfit work much better with an ankle boot look over a full length jumpsuit. 

Worn with: Saint Laurent blouse + shorts and Versace belt

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge | September 2, 2019

Thanks @dynastycloset!

Versace ‘Baroque Buckle Leaf Belt’ – $400.00

Worn with: Saint Laurent blouse + shorts + boots

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge | September 2, 2019

Saint Laurent ‘Embellished Leather Shorts’ – $2,490.00

Taylor delivered one of her best Live Lounge performances to date with a six song set. I loved every last choice. 

Worn with: Saint Laurent blouseVersace belt, and Saint Laurent boots

Also worn: “Lover” music video

Get the look: Express, $39.99

Vogue | September 2019

Maximum Henry ‘Wide Oval 1.5″ Belt’ – $135.00

Worn with: Hermès shirt and Chanel pants

Vogue | September 2019

Chanel Fall 2019 pants

Again, there’s so much tension and movement in this photo. Plus that headtilt and search to bask in a form of light. I want to hope that this is a symbolic representation of Taylor and the breaks of sun peeking through the stormclouds that must have been her hivemind when writing for Lover.

That said, these Audrey vibes are what I’m getting from this photo. 

Worn with: Hermes shirt and Maximum Henry belt

Get the look: Reiss, $179.00

Vogue | September 2019

Gucci Fall 2019 blazer

I wish we had gotten more of a peak of this herringbone Gucci blazer. But this small vignette is still super sharp. 

Get the look: Massimo, $161.00

Vogue | September 2019

Stella McCartney ‘Herringbone Wool Blend Coat’ – $2,325.00

Speaking of British wool coats, this spread wouldn’t be complete of course without an homage to Taylor’s pending collaboration with Stella McCartney. The styling here is very intriguing. Tousled bed hair, smoky eyes, nude lips, and Taylor quite literally bare with the exception of her Stella coat. It would theoretically be very interesting is the openness and alluded vulnerability here had anything to do with what we can expect from her upcoming Stella collection and Taylor’s influence in it. 

Get the look: Farfetch, $396.00

Vogue | September 2019

Dior Fall 2019 bodysuit and skirt

I love the more pared back styling for the shoot over the runway. The combination of kitten heels and a-line midi skirt is very ladies who lunch so I appreciate the updated, more youthful modern version of a cardigan that’s rendered in a tighter fitting bodysuit with a waist cinching belt. The button details on the neckline are simultaneously prim and also draw the eye to the low neck. 

There is also the continued motif of vertical stripes which Taylor has recently employed this past era in two of her recent Secret Session lewks (London, Nashville).

Worn with: Dior heels

Get the look: Samantha Sung, $145.00