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Apple Music | September 6, 2019

Faithfull the Brand ‘Daphne Dress’ – $159.00 

Taylor looked very sweet and dare I say RED-era esque in this Blonde In Yellow approved floral dress in an interview with Apple Music. Cheers to @allergicswiftt for the video grab. 

Get the look: Oasis, $65.00

Interview w/ CBS | August 25, 2019

Taylor Swift ‘Album Title Phone Case’ – $25.00
Modes4U ‘Puffy 3D Sponge Stickers’ – $8.49 (no longer available)

Taylor’s much requested phone case appears to be an unreleased plain clear version of the Lover phone case in her store. The stickers adorning it (cats, naturally) are from a Japanese site and sadly discontinued. 

Interview w/ CBS | August 25, 2019

Gucci ‘Jordaan Tweed Loafer’ – $730.00

Worn with: AllSaints skirt

Also worn: “Lover” music video

Get the look: Aldo, $33.95

Interview w/ CBS | August 25, 2019

AllSaints ‘Lomo Front & Back Zip Denim Miniskirt’ – $125.00 $87.50

I can appreciate the combination here of soft and sweet with a piece that’s a bit tougher – it’s a tactic I personally employ in my own wardrobe. 

Worn with: Gucci loafers

Get the look: Forever 21, $19.90




Taylor Swift on NRJ.

Cauet performs a magic trick in front of Taylor Swift at NRJ studio

I wanted to make the song ME! the first single because it is so effervescently positive. It is so unapologetically happy and there was something about that that felt like a really interesting way of turning the page on my last album, which was a little more dark and twisty, by design. But Im really excited also about more music being released and people seeing the different layers to the album, because thats going to be really, really fun.