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Taylor Swift – Scholastic Web Chat

absorbing this attitude as a I start my week.



I’m still not over seeing @taylorswift July.  …

I’m still not over seeing @taylorswift July.  I’m also not over this footage I took, but at least this is something I can share.

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“And now I return to my magic castle in the sky…..”

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“We love you Foxborough, thank you so much!”
show #3 at Gillette Stadium, July 28th

I was crushed I missed filming so many of these joyous moments on Saturday.  I am grateful for the internet and its contributions to my mental well being.

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taylor being cute af at gillette night 3 😍

another rep era wondrous wiggle !

@taylorswift@taylornation section 135, row 5,…

@taylornation section 135, row 5, seats 19-20. Foxborough night 3!! Also anyone where tonight feel free to find me and grab one of these !

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UM @hayleykiyoko THAT WAS INSANE!! Thank you so much for coming to surprise the crowd tonight at @gillettestadium – THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! So stoked this was your first stadium performance, and you absolutely killed it 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

dancing is on POINT.  😍😍😍😍😍😍

can’t wait to see you @taylorswift @gillettestadium this Saturday 7/28!   Can we finally meet? Can I hug you and thank you for being a goddamn slayer of the female narrative in songwriting?  Can I thank you for inspiring me to reclaim my own narrative and process my childhood trauma through your work?  or how i curated an art show on your impact in 2014 and spent most of my time in grad school convincing my art school classmates of your brilliance?

I am so proud of how amazing the rep tour is, and for the gifts your creative genius keeps giving.  @taylornation

(also GUYS! this tumblr is almost at 150k followers 😱 )

From the beginning of Taylor Swift’s tours, sh…

From the beginning of Taylor Swift’s tours, she always has had the best looks on her face after the the early intro powerhouse songs of her set.

The Reputation Stadium Tour is no different. We get that look where she comes out of her performance, takes that moment to breathe, survey the audience, and become overcome by the pure joy of the crowd’s enthusiasm.   

What’s different about this tour is as she realizes the crowd is as loud and loving as ever, after media non-scandal scandal bullshit, she translates this overwhelming emotion the best way Taylor Swift knows how; very human and very real silliness and awkward dancing.  She’s been knocked down. She’s brought herself back up, and now connects with her audience more than ever.  This tour is absolute magic.

(@taylornation @taylorswift )

(note:  I am aware she has done this to an extent with other tours as well, but it doesn’t pack the same punch as this tour)

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taylor swift – the reputation stadium tour
metlife night 2 / the rain show / getaway car (x)

straight up looks like she’s ‘conjuring witchcraft’ dancing.

(which I know duh..she is)