Taylor Swift Style – 2018 Gift Guide + A Request Long-requested…

Taylor Swift Style – 2018 Gift Guide + A Request 

Long-requested for … listen let’s not disclose for how long. Just that it has been for TOO LONG. But it is here. The time is NOW. 

I’ve taken the time to round up some of Taylor’s favourites in fashion and beauty for yourself or the Swiftie in your life (mostly) for under $200

These are a collection of brands Taylor has loved over the past eras (yes, I’ve broken them down by era, so you can easily shop your ~aesthetic) or has included in her Swiftmas boxes from way back in 2014 (and yes you’re all still asking about them). 

Consider this my gift to you TSS-ers. Happy Holidays! 

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Note 2.0: The below post uses affiliate links. A lot of ‘em. It took approximately 3 days of work to pull the post together through brand research, widget curating, and graphic development, and I truly hope it’s of use to all of you. That said, if you click on any of the links below I will receive a small commission. Just thought ya should know. Thank you for supporting Taylor Swift Style!

Note 3.0: Speaking of support. I mentioned my potential for doing this on the questions blog a few months ago, but thought while I was fulfilling a long-time request of TSS-ers, it would be an appropriate time to ask for one of mine to be filled by you. If you have supported Taylor Swift Style for any length of time over the last seven years, in any format, I want to say thank you. And I also, humbly, want to ask a favour. If you feel strongly about TSS, to consider donating to my GoFundMe as an effort to crowdsource funds to assist in a huge change to Taylor Swift Style — its domain. Over, officially, to taylorswiftstyle.com. I hope you’ll consider it, but appreciate your eyeballs and time whether they’re given here on the blog, on TSSQ, on Instagram, on Twitter, or anywhere. Thank you! If you would like to donate, please check out the official GoFundMe here.

Now on with what you came here for.

– Sarah



  • Charlotte Russe bustier floral mini dress ($22) – A very similar little number to the string of Rebecca Taylor and Amy Claire floral minis Taylor wore during this time. 
  • Modcloth retro heels ($69) – Taylor graduated from her cowgirl boots and ballet flats to heels in the Fearless era. Not nearly as tall in height as she would eventually go on to wear, but her first foray into truly owning her tallness (and also perhaps an ode to the spillover into pop music she was experiencing with the success of pop/country crossover “Love Story”). 
  • Ralph Lauren ruffle trim blazer ($185) – This was also Taylor’s likeliest era to wear schoolgirl-inspired outfits. Think blazers with cute feminine details such as the ruffles on this piece by Ralph Lauren paired with mini skirts and opaque tights or argyle socks. 
  • Ralph Lauren embroidered button down oxford shirt ($90) – Military details like the crest on this button down (which happens to be a mens but would work perfectly well if you size down) were also frequenters in Tay’s wardrobe during Fearless. 
  • Anthropologie slouchy tote bag ($88) – Before moving on to more structured bags by the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Taylor loved a slouchy bag in dark-toned or fun leathers (brown, black, teal, mustard) with bohemian details such as fringe. 




  • Forever 21 crop top and skirt set ($39) – Easily the defining style of the 1989 Era. First debuted in this marled pink number in July 2014 — just a few months before 1989 dropped. 
  • Urban Outfitters printed romper ($39) – Taylor also had many adorable romper moments this era in fun prints like floral and check. 
  • Anthropologie hair pins ($18) – Taylor has always been a fan of girly hair accessories, whether a headband, floral moment, or high shine hair pins like these.
  • Pared cat eye sunglasses ($125) – Though she always has, Taylor expanded from her signature Wayfarer silhouette to a more cat eye look. 
  • Roberto Cavalli blush bag ($399) – Sometimes a really beautiful bag is worth the splurge. Taylor carried around a soft nude/blush-toned bag by Tods for a lot of the 1989 Era. The good news is that this soft colour would work with most any outfit — maximum wear for the price. 
  • Steve Madden platform heels ($45) – Taylor of course favoured 6″ Louboutins during this time, but you can get the same teetering skyscraper effect in these platforms. 



By far the most requested thing I have ever been requested since things have been requested. A round up of all the items that Taylor included in her Famous Swiftmas Boxes of 2014. All in one convenient place. Plus a few extras from the past era. 

Merry Christmas, TSS-ers. <3