“I guess it’s just a personal decision from artist to artist. But I’d really much rather write a novel than a bunch of short stories. I’d rather be known for a collection of songs that go together and live together and belong together. These are essentially installments of my life, two years at a time, and I work really hard to make sure that those installments are good enough to also apply to other people’s lives in two-year periods of time. Albums defined my childhood, and they’ve defined my life. I just hope that they will continue to define people in newer generations’ lives. I’m so proud of my fans for going out there, over a million strong, and proving that albums still matter to them and that art is still viable to them.”

— Taylor Swift about why albums are still important to her – article in honor of #NationalAlbumDay for uDiscoverMusic, Taylor’s quote is originally from Yahoo! interview (October 13th 2018)