“I’m just wondering if you may have noticed something about what you’re wearing. You’ve got a light up bracelet on your wrist, did you notice that? Very good! So the reason why, the reason why I wanted to ave these on this tour is because this is my very first all-stadium tour, which is so exciting, just stadiums are massive, massive places to play. That’s one thing that I was thinking about stadiums going into this tour, and I wanted to be able to see every single once of you, and because you’re all lit up , even in the back, top section, last row […] I can see that you guys have been dancing epically, jumping around, and um, it’s just, I can’t imagine looking out into this crowd and not being able to see you that way. I’d be so sad, I’m so happy I can see every single one of you. And, this is a song I wrote about kind of when you’re going through a really stressful time or a hard time and you can’t necessarily see the hope or the way out of it, and you just have to dance through it anyway you just have to keep going anyway, you just have to keep going when it feels like you’re dancing with your hands tied.”

— Taylor before Dancing With Our Hands Tied in Minneapolis on August 31