Vogue U.K. | January 2018Alexander McQueen ‘Knitted Bra Top’ -…

Vogue U.K. | January 2018

Alexander McQueen ‘Knitted Bra Top’ – $1,195.00
Alexander McQueen ‘Jacquard Knit Skirt’ – $4,195.00

Looking smoke in a red lacy set by Alexander McQueen, it appears Taylor’s version of the top sees the black contrasting strap portion removed. Some people may be questioning the beauty look here, and all I have to say is fashion is fashun people. 

Normally, I would have preferred seeing this look with a red lip and some kind of extravagantly expensive collar necklace. 

If anyone is an avid fashion watcher, you may already know the talented Rooney Mara wore this Resort 2018 set as presented on the runway to a New York screening of Una back in October.